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Welcome to ProfitTrade

If you are looking for a reliable investment, ProfitTrade is the best option for you.
Our team have being used to trade in the US stock market for more than 5 years. Our trade accent are US stocks and indices. ProfitTrade trading strategy is quite different from most part of market traders. The major aim of our team is to ensure long term profitability.
You do not need to be a financial expert to make money with us. Our upscale traders are going to do the work instead of you.
ProfitTrade success is achieved through accurate forecasting and right trading strategy choosing ability. We monitor market situations, which may to decline or increase American companies stock prices.
Our project will allow you to receive a permament profit. We know, we can be reliable partners.

1% daily for 10 business days (Principal Return)
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $10.00 and more 1.00
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6% daily for 20 business days
Plan Spent Amount ($) Daily Profit (%)
Plan 1 $50.00 and more 6.00
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All payments are made to your account Daily.
Minimum spend is $10 and there is no maximum.
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.

Use our referral program and earn up to 1.00% of referral deposits!

Our first level referral bonuses:
Name From To Commision (%)
Level A 1 and more 1.00


Weekly Report No. 7. Trading week results.

Weekly Report No. 6. Trading week results.

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